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An adult male of middle or upper class background who, having been pampered as a child, lacks emotional maturity, depth of character and the basic level of empathy needed to avoid the frequent displays of parasitic and otherwise disruptive behavior for which he is well know.
The word "nuood" itself is a corruption of the more well-known "dude", the former and latter both being used as a term of endearment or as an expletive by such people who exemplify the above definition.
1) "C'mon nuood"
2) "Nuood, that bitch wants me"
3) "Most towns have to close and lock the gates of their cemetaries at night or nuoods will sneak in and knock over the gravestones"
4) "He dresses like a skater but can't actually skate, as skating requires discipline and he is just a nuood"
by Steve Bricault November 08, 2007
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