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a whale sent from acid heaven to guide kids on acid trips. originated in a science class to explain a large sink hole found in southern florida. Nunnya often appears in dreams, trips, and other cool things of that nature. Nunnya is rainbow with swirls and spouts fire. He is also equipt with three legs and three eyes. because he is badass. Nunnya's full name is: Nunnya the crime fighting acid whale. Nunnya is often seen is a swirl of rainbows and flowers aka his "aura".
Nunnya is friendly and offers guidence and wisdom to all who seek it.
Kid one: "dude, this acid is tripping me out...I see this rainbow whale with three eyes and a fire spout.."
kid two: Oh it's chill, thats just Nunnya the acid whale.
by XXamyisstraightedgeXX March 27, 2007
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