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calculated by taking length of the amputated limb and dividing that number by the average length of similar amputees. A person who only lost a foot would have a relatively high nub ratio compared to someone who lost a leg at the hip.
"Baby, to be honest..I don't know if I would still love you if you lost an arm...maybe if it was below the elbow and you always kept the prosthetic on. I know its shallow but I need at least a 60% nub ratio."

"I met this crazy chick online last week, we met up downtown and went back to my place but it turns out that she has a fake leg. At first I didn't care and we started messing around but I couldn't go through with it, her nub ratio was just too low, it was like a kfc biscuit.

by thenubstopshere December 17, 2008
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