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White teenagers that are either from the suburbs or a rural-ish type area that like to smoke weed.
They wear those goofy flat-billed fitted caps but wear Hollister and Abercrombie clothes so they end up looking like some kind of stupid ass wigger/prep-hybrid.
They are always really into Southern Rap but don't know shit about other genres of music. Female nu-stoners probably also listen to pop.
Most real stoners don't like them very much because they're so wigger-ish and retarded.
Male nu-stoners talk and pretty much act like normal guys but they use stupid rap slang words so it makes them sound like idiots.
Female nu-stoners act like black women but most of them add a touch of prep to there style.
All nu-stoners worship Bob Marley, 2pac, and Lil Wayne and this is a fact.
Daniel: Drew wanted to smoke a blunt with me and ride around and listen to Lil Wayne
Chris: He's such a nu-stoner
by Chris2039 February 07, 2010
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