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Term often used to describe mainstream pop punk that incorporates elements of screaming. However, this is incorrect. Nu-screamo classifies the bands listed in the examples section.

Screamo developed in the 80s from hardcore punk. It is also refered to as emotional hardcore, which can also be used to describe early emo bands such as Still Life, Grey Matter, Rites of Spring, etc. Some bands that are true screamo are: Joshua Fit for Battle, Saetia, City of Caterpillar, Reversal of Man, Neil Perry, Ampere, Capsule, Trifle Tower, Someplace to Hide, Hot Cross, Transistor Transistor, Waifle, Yaphet Kotto, Eaves, Trainwreck, Envy, etc...
Nu-screamo bands are as follows: The Used, Story of the Year, From First to Last, etc.
by steeples November 09, 2006
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