1. nro! Stop being such a square!
2. nro! How are you doing?!
3. sorry nro, but im brocken.
by bobradish August 18, 2021
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National Reconnaissance Office

The NRO designs, builds and operates the nation's reconnaissance satellites. NRO products, provided to an expanding list of customers like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Department of Defense (DoD), can warn of potential trouble spots around the world, help plan military operations, and monitor the environment.

As part of the 16-member Intelligence Community, the NRO plays a primary role in achieving information superiority for the
U. S. Government and Armed Forces.

A DoD agency, the NRO is staffed by DoD and CIA personnel. It is funded through the National Reconnaissance Program, part of the National Foreign Intelligence Program.

recent years, the NRO has implemented a series of actions declassifying some of its operations. The organization was declassified in September 1992 followed by the location of its headquarters in Chantilly, VA, in 1994. In February 1995, CORONA, a photoreconnaissance program in operation from 1960 to 1972, was declassified and 800,000 CORONA images were transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration. In December 1996, the NRO announced for the first time, in advance, the launch of a reconnaissance satellite.
by ArchAngel_Gabriel September 24, 2006
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Also known as Newraveorder Disorder. Symptoms include being nice to people in person and being a dick to the same people online in front of everyone whether it be on a rave forum or Facebook. This mental disability/personality flaw runs rampant in the rave scene.
(in person confrontation)
Raver 1: I'm sorry I shit all over you on Raversonly and Newraveorder and Ravelinks and Facebook and Twitter and Purerave and my personal website, I just realized I'm a complete dick.
Raver 2: Nah it's cool bro I understand, you have NRO syndrome and I'm aware of that.
by 2epro July 23, 2010
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Stands for non-reciprocal oral, meaning giving fellatio or cunnilingus without the expectation of receiving pleasure in return.
I love NRO, it's nice to give some times without expecting to receive
by TosinPlays June 30, 2021
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