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An exclamation of extreme lulz, expressed through a phrase that is spelt incorrectly due to my excessive lulzing.
Anonymous formspring friend:
" ...So it was about the time I started thinking, "Hmm. Maybe I should put a sluttier top on to go talk to the guys on chatroulette!" that I realised this was not my proudest moment, and that I needed help to stop isolation getting to my brain. SAVE ME. "

Lulzing friend (who misspells the phrase/acronym 'lulz' due to excessive formspring lulzing):


Anonymous formspring friend:

And your proper response is to torture me with acronyms, like 'nrflz', which AREN'T YET DEFINED ON URBAN DICTIONARY..? I'm going off somewhere to be emo!
by xarglegirl April 09, 2010
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