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A newer version and much lazier form of the already useless and idiotic phrase... "know what I'm saying."

This word in its original form was an entire sentence, but due to political correctness, the dumbing down of our society, and simple laziness in general, we now have a new word born right out of the urban lexicon.

Below is the downward progression of how this word (noumsayn) was formed:

1. "Do you understand what I'm talking about Mary?"
2. "Do you understand , Mary?"
3. "Do You understand?"
4. "Know what I mean?"
5. "Know what I'm saying?"
6. "You know I mean"?
7. "Noumsain?"
Tayshawn he gotta get mov'n "noumsayn" it's like my man "noumsayn" he could play ball real good "noumsayn" but he just be hang'n "noumsayn" with the wrong homies "noumsayn".
by RCandGman May 14, 2005
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