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A usually anonymous stalker who communicates mainly by leaving notes in a stalkee's locker, bag, or other place where the stalkee will find them. May or may not be lovesick/heartsick and eventually fess up and say sorry that they're stalking said stalkee. The notes are usually love notes (or, in some cases, song lyrics). Though the generic notestalker is found creepy by the stalkee/stalkee's friends, it actually is possible that they are lonely individuals who would like to know the stalkee better and are afraid to/cannot talk to them.
"Oh, my God! I, like, just got another page of World/Inferno song lyrics from my notestalker again! They're, like, so creepy!"
"Your notestalker has good taste in music."
"I just found out who my notestalker is!"
"Luke: I am your notestalker."
by Sea Salt Chocolate January 22, 2008
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