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Someone that squanders an opportunity with lackluster performance. Someone that thinks they're making something better when actually they're screwing more things up than they add/fix. Someone that focuses on fixing or implementing trivial things when there's more important things to work on. Origin: Notch, the creator of Minecraft, started as a no-name, indie game developer. His game, Minecraft, suddenly got a lot of attention, which made him millions of dollars. To reward his loyal fan-base, he focused on squandering his opportunity of success by taking lots of vacations and adding lame features to his game while major bugs still existed. Each time he added a new feature, something else would break. In deluding himself that lightning strikes twice in the same place, he let his main, profit-making brainchild linger while he formed a game company that focused on puppy-milling out other games that nobody cares about.
That guy in IT keeps adding more and more crap to the computers around here, and now they're running slower than ever. Just the other day, he got to choose the new anti-virus software for the whole company, and he totally picked the crappiest, buggiest, lamest one which is bringing everyone's computer to its knees. Carla was having issues with a program not loading, and by the time he was done with it, her computer crashes every 5 minutes now. But, hey, he installed a new Windows start sound to make it sound like the theme from Star Trek. He seems oblivious to what folks need around here, and keeps screwing everything up. He sure knows how to notch it up.
by yabbycabby December 12, 2011
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