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A terminal condition where individuals believe they have the right to intrude and inquire into others lives and personal business.

In particular, those who believe they have the right to ask any person with a disability what the disability is - prior to any appropriate social chit chat, general neighbourliness or without having offered to but them a drink.

In particular, those with Terminal Noseyitis will seek clarification of nature of the Noseyitis and find themselves here and reading this.

They will now know to ask the Disabled Person to accompany them to a suitable pub/bar and ply them with copious amounts of suitable drink - engage in suitable none disability related chit chat, and then after suitable level of human reaction pose the question again.... if they dare!
What's wrong with you?

Terminal Noseyitis!

Result - google search, reading this and either being very huffy, or getting the message and asking about preferred pub/bar!
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