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a hardly decent school in a little town north of allentown, its called New tripoli. most of the girls and some guys in NW can't live without drama so they flip out over the lamest shit. most of the people in NW are rednecks and/or farmers. NW doesnt even have a pool. and some of our parents parents went to our school in the same building. our school is almost next to a cornfield. our nickname:corn cob high
damnnn those rednecks at northwestern lehigh
by cristin February 08, 2005
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A small school in New Tripoli, Pennsylvania. Rivals are Northern Lehigh. Lots of hicks, drugees, and sluts. The drama department has no talent, the football players aren't very good, and the cheerleaders think they're great, but they're not. The seniors always think they're the shit, and the freshmen are picked on. A quarter of the teachers aren't very bright, a quarter are awesome, and the other half are irritatingly rude. Few people there are classified as "normal". The food is good, but the bathrooms barely have doors. In other words, go somewhere else.
Northwestern Lehigh School District Cheerleader- "Cheerleading is a sport!" No it's freaking not. The only thing that's difficult is tumbling.
by Mary freaking Poppins January 22, 2011
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