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A very small high school located in northeastern Tennessee with a population of approximately 300 kids. Where everyone is blood related and still fucking like it's nobodies business. Everyone, including the girls, got dip rings in the back pocket of their blue jeans. Their sporting facilities consist of two cow pastures used as a football and baseball fields, and then a gym so small that everyone sweats like whores in church. The guys drive there daddy's tractors to school and wear there muddy boots and faded wranglers. The girls act faithful and godly but would spread there legs for anything with a dick. Needless to say it's full of inbred rednecks that are fucking their 1st cousin behind their 2nd cousins back.
Good ole North Greene High School, where I met my wife; I also met her at the family reunion but who's takin' tabs anyways.
by Fatjack72 February 15, 2017
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