a chinese company that builds and duplicates weapons from other contries...
that russian dragunov (SVD) kicks ass but at $5000 ......i will get my happy ass a norinco dragunov (NDM-86) for $3500
by Hokalugi February 3, 2007
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A small Chinese light APC made by the Chinese company called Norinco, introduced in 2009 by company's subsidiary called Chongqing Tiema Industries Corporation.

VN-4s can do tons of damage. The original version, warfare-oriented units have their central turret that is usually armed with a 7,5 mm. heavy machine gun. However, the units used by Venezuela's Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and Bolivarian National Police (PNB) that is used for riot control purposes by replacing the central warfare turret with more "friendly" tear-gas launcher.

The little Chinese white tanks can also be equipped with several Bond-like gadgets, including infrared night-vision system and a central tire inflation system that prevents them from being disabled by thier flat tires.

VN-4s are currently being used by Venezuela, Kenya, and Nepal.

Riot control versions of VN-4s being used by Venezuela became so controversial in the country because they have been destroying peaceful protests by Venezuelan opposition against the dictator Nicolas Maduro.

In the fictional shared universe called "The Universe Ryan", the riot control versions of the same vehicle being used by the rich and extreme superpower Federal Republic of Ryan (FRoR) are not controversial as they're super famous in the same fictional European country has over 300K+ units from Ryanian National Guard (RNG) and the Ryanian National Police (RNP).
Real-life world: "Norinco VN-4 is my biggest fear!!!!!!." - Venezuelan opponents of Maduro.
The Universe Ryan: "Well, Norinco VN-4 is the cheapest thing we have ever seen since 2009. So this is why we keep buying this for riot control purposes!" - Federal Republic of Ryan.
by Ryan900USAYT March 16, 2022
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