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the sexuality of "straight" woman who are attracked to Nora
"No, she is not bisexual, she is norasexual"
by Paine513 January 26, 2010
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1. (N) A being, typically a person, who has not so uncommon tendencies to desire a female- usually Nora herself, whether the predetermined sexual orientation dictates the being's choices or not.
2. (V) Having an odd, but reasonable temptation and attraction for Nora, admiring her as serious as an addiction, and lusting in defiance of one's predisposition to like/love anyone who isn't Nora.
--"Will you go out with me?" "No. Sorry, I'm Norasexual."

--"I'm breaking up with you.... It's not you... It's me.... I'm Norasexual."

-- Youth: "Mom, Dad? I'm.... Norasexual."

Parents: "We're so proud of you!"

--"We're here, we're Norasexual, get used to it!"

by The_1_that_got_Away_Baha February 04, 2010
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