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Following the massive spread of the acronym "roflcopter" a similar term containing the word "noob" was invented.

noobcopter generally refers a gathering of noobs in a small area in a MMORPG like the people gathered in a small helicopter.
player 1 - OMG dude look at all those noobs gathered near the bank.

Plater 2 - Hahaha noobcopter !!!111
by Orelsi August 17, 2008
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1. A noobish helicopter, an noob copter.
2. A highly offensive, derogatory, and hateful epithet that is on par or worse than cracker, n***er, beaner, chink, etc. Should never ever ever be uttered in company/public.
1. Look at that noob copter go, it's so fast!
2. "You're a noob copter", friend kills you.
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