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Describing someone of African descent. A word that Whites can covertly use to refer to Blacks while Blacks are present. People of color usually lack the ability to swim (have you ever seen the shallow end of a public swimming pool) so this is a proper reference.
A family of non-swimmers just moved in next door.

I did not get a wink of sleep last night because those damn non-swimmers were playing that rap music so loud
by MDunn June 29, 2005
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code word for a person of african-american decent, usually a customer of a restaurant who leaves a less than average tip, or is unusually hard to please
those non-swimmers didn't even leave me a tip!!
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Derogatory term used by crackers to crack on a brother in front of the brother.
Damn look at all the nonswimmers at the club tonight!
by MRR October 03, 2005
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