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A person who takes the non-duality Advaita Hindu teachings too far. This person is kind of spacy and thinks that everything is okay even though people are being killed all over the world, or they don’t have compassion because they think the people deserve it for some reason because of karma. While that may be true or not true, we should all still have compassion for those who are suffering. Non-duality space monkeys are out to lunch on the compassion ticket.
Compassionate person: Dude, doesn't it make you sad that so many people are suffering in the world?
Non-duality space monkey: No, that's just the way it goes.
Compassionate person: That's messed up, don't you care?
Non-duality space monkey: Well there is no such thing as an individual anyway, so their suffering isn't even real.
Compassionate person: Wow, you are a serious space monkey. Dare I say it, a non-duality space monkey.
Non-duality space monkey: Yeah, I know.
by Christine Breese April 14, 2008
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