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a male, useally a father figure in his mid 40's whos main hobbies include mowing the lawn, driving his 97' taurus to and fro the post office where he mantains his steady job of a mail carrier. also, he enjoys making up reasons to yell and/or scream at his kids. most commonly used reasons are music being too loud, MESSES of any sort, not helping out around the house, not having money for gas, etc. generally, having another male figure living next door by the name of scooter that fucks up the walls in the daughter figures bedroom.
boy 1: omg, last night i left the mayonaise out in the kitchen.
boy 2: hopefully, your dad dosent pull a nomesses!
by jenni:) June 18, 2008
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The patented 'no mess' dump - taking a crap the size of a minivan before wiping your ass to find no evidence whatsoever on the paper. May be combined with the ghost poop or phantom shit for the holy grail of defecation. The sense of triumph, wellbeing and euphoria that accompany a no mess are without equal.
'Dude, I just took a shit the size of a house and.... NO MESS!... NO MESS!... WOO!'
by renstar July 19, 2015
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