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A nogitsune is a spirit on teen wolf.
A nogitsune is a dark kitsune spirit. The nogitsune feeds of chaos strife and pain.
Once the fox reaches more than 100 years of age they can take the shape of a human host by possessing them. When the human is possesed they can cause the human to do whatever they wish which often is killing others and causing chaos, strife and pain. The nogitsune is a trickster spirit, which means it can create a doppelgänger of the human host which is purely for the use of tricking people. In teen wolf it is said that you can't be a fox and a wolf, so werewolfs are immune to being possessed by a nogitsune. To eliminate the spirit from the host completely you must either change the body of the host (eg a bite from a werewolf) or kill the doppelgänger with the katana wielded by a kitsune.
" stiles stilinski was possessed by the nogitsune in season three of the tv show, teen wolf. "
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by tropicgucci February 04, 2017
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