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The old little kids' channel with shows like Maisy and (I think) Oswald. Its mascots were Moose A. Moose (a moose, of course) and Zee ( I think the full name was Zee D. Bird; a blue bird with a little pink flower in her "hair"). It always turned off at 6:30 or 7 P.M. and had a message basically saying that they were done for the day and that they'd be back the next day. I think Moose and Zee always sang a goodbye song at the end, but I'm not sure. Gee, I miss it. Like, a flipping lot.
The Noggin channel was a kids' channel that was bought by Nick Jr. Nick Jr. was the channel that had an adorable show called 64 Zoo Lane, but I don't know if they still have it. I hope they do. Anyway, Nick Jr. bought Noggin and I HATE that. Sorry, I'll stop ranting.
Nick Jr. channel
by HGF88 October 30, 2013
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