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1) a sarcastic answer implying "who else would be here?" or "just the regular crowd"

2) could be used to hide someone there who should not be

source: originally from a fable involving a chicken thief (possibly a fox) hiding in the hen house and answering the farmer's question of who's making all the noise.

Also made popular by a 40's song of the same name by Louis Jordan.
Dad (coming home from work): Anybody home?
Older Daughter (in bedroom): Nobody here but us chickens! (implying herself and her sister, but is actually herself and her boyfriend, who should have gone home already)
by copperdragon June 09, 2011
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The result you got when you looked up "loli" in an r34 site. Shame on you.
Bob: Hey I was on a hentai site and when I tried looking something up it keeps saying "Nobody here but us chickens" but I didn't have any tags blacklisted.

Moderator: You probably looked up lolis. You sick fuck.
by Sclaraidus December 05, 2020
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