the feeling you get when you think about noah schnapp and how far he’s come and how amazing and inspiring and adorable and smol he is. side effects may include crying, squealing, wanting to hug him more than anything in the world, and an excessive feeling of uwu
all these noah instagram edits are giving me noah depression
by smol bean 101 July 18, 2018
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The feeling when you realise that noah has been an important part of your life ever since 'stranger things' popped up
and all these 'noah schnapps edits' on Instagram make you wanna die cuz the people who made it are talented and their getting noticed, youre just there liking them and not getting noticed
'noah schnapps edits'
No one:
Actually no one:
Stranger things fandom and noah STANS that has never met him:OMG I MISS HIM:'( the noah depression is kicking in. OMG
by schnappbacktorealitiy April 4, 2019
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