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Usually a girl. (usually younger: 13-15 yrs) (Usually new at a school) that starts LOOKING for all the potheads, and doing anything to get into their good graces and tryimng to fit into their little druggie clique. Even though they have no intention of doing drugs themselves. They just like to act bad-ass as if they do. Once they have posed their way into the group, they get introduced to the groups boyfriends(usually older like 17-22, do drugs too) and the younger sluts all get high and have sex, alternating every other week. The said "no-future-having-ho", willingly makes out with the groups older guys, and claims to have sex with them, even though theyre still a virgin.

Long story short. A no-future-having-ho is a young girl who thinks everyone loves her, with no aspirations for herself, no morals,
and no way of ever having a happy life.
"omg, did u hear about jessica, that no-future-having-ho slept with nathen?"

"yeah, i heard he's turning 17!"

"omg, i know, shes only 13!!!"

"whatever, he'll just get pissed when he finds out she made out with nick..."

"isnt he 19 though? And isnt he always high?"


"what a ho...."
by noneyobeezwaxxxxxx November 01, 2007
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