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No heavy vetting— (gerund derived from the transitive verb to vet, to examine, investigate, or evaluate thoroughly.) 1. A proclivity for—indeed!—insistence on choosing obscure, little known officials for public office who have no apparent qualifications. 2. A proclivity for—indeed!—insistence on choosing college majors that will not lead to lucrative employment. 3. Willful neglect of the schedule of rabies/distemper shots for your five-year old Russian imported Nevskaya Maskaradnaya cat. 4. The name of the British 70s’ era rock band, UFO, 2013 reunion tour and album, a tour that features a re-release of the song I’m a Loser and a performance from a sub-par guitar player who was not thoroughly vetted.
I hope Romney is more judicious about his choice of running mate.
Hey now, no heavy vetting: I would have kind of liked having a snowmobile riding, gun toting VEEP who doesn’t waste time with onerous tasks like reading.
I hope we’re a little more judicious about choosing our next president…
Hey now, no heavy vetting: I really dig a shucking and jiving celebrity prezzy of the United Steezy slow jamming the second great depression!
You should have been more judicious about your choice of college major—what were you thinking of?--choosing a course of study that interested you: film studies, huh!
Come on mom, no heavy vetting so early in the morning. I have to go to work and pin $1.99 tags on used T-shirts at my Salvation Army job before going off to the airport to wheel invalids around in friggin’ wheel chairs…
by pizdyetz_malish May 30, 2012
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