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No mercy monday is when you and a group of friends are horrible to each other, call each other out, and be brutally honest all day and no matter how mad someone gets you don't stop that's were the "no mercy" comes in. Me and my friends love this. It should help you and your friends be nicer to each other through out the week. But come Tuesday, you cannot be mad at someone for what they have said because that's the whole reason of no mercy monday, to release tention and get it all of your chest.It's kind of a friendship building exercise for horrible people. ~Warning: you have to be good friends to participate in this~
"You act like the world revolves around you and it's so annoying"
"You think you know everything about everyone and you don't news flash, your a spoiled little two faced bitch that dosnt know shit"

(this continues until Monday at midnight. That's when no mercy monday ends)
by Nomercy January 11, 2014
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