1) A Ragnarok/World Of Warcraft player, known for his shady connections with the iRO Game Masters.

2) The guild led by the man of the same name that was used as a talentpool by the members of WAVE to take the more skilled players from and add to their own ranks. It was also botted to it'scapacity levels by an agi swordsman named Grrr and was overlooked purposely by the GMs.

3) The website (now forums only) used mainly as propaganda by the iRO GM Team to enforce the game's rules, which prohibited talk of botting, private servers, realmoney for iRO Zeny trades, etc. Formerly an official iRO fansite, now back in Nitro7's hands after his GM connections were severed when Christy was replaced.
1) Has anyone seen Nitro7 about since last month?

2) Don't attack WAVE, Nitro7 are guarding the door again.

3) Check the database on Nitro7
by God-Poing April 28, 2005
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