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Nirusen is a boi who knows where and how to get anything in life. He has all the cheeky boiz and gurlz wrapped around his finger, and they worship the ground where his feet lay. He is a foxy immortal and those around him often can't handle the heat which radiates from his godly chest. Be cautious and wear protective gear.

We all know that Nirusen who offers a cheeky wink anywhere he goes. But when you get to know the real Nirusen, he is just a human who wants to meet some cool dawgz. If you're lucky, you might see this side of him. But remember, if you get on his bad side, you will be cast aside by society. After all, he is an intergalactic playboy.
Some chick: Did you see Nirusen at the club???
Some dude: Man, I wish I could be a swaggy dawg like him.
by OlaftheGreat May 14, 2018
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