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(1)A form of the japanese samauri. A very old organization its origins are hundreds of years old. Much of its history has been lost and not many ninjaukals exist today yet they all have indomitable fighting skills in ninjitsu. No matter what weapons you use a ninjaukal will never die.
what the hell is a ninjaukal? he's a wicked juggalo clown representing the psycopathic family. Also known to knock a head off with a neck chop. Stealth enough to sneak in your house and have sex with your wife. Can manipulate the world into thinking that "eminem" is really the definition of a cocaine snorting homosexual. You remember that hotdog you ate last week? It was really a turd with sauerkraut on it.
by Dalvir916 AKA LJ September 01, 2006
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