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Related to term "Buckminsterfullerene":
"This is a word that can be used to confuse other people, or distract them. Also has hilarious results when used in conversation to replace a noun."

Great way to fuck with people. Be careful with fat girls and republicans, young grasshopper. How do you conquer what is already worthless and useless?

See also loatharz.
Biff, while eating a tasty BLT: "I just learned that my mom has end stage renal disease and won't survive without a transplant."
Hungry Doug: "Baltimore these days is all chicken shacks and hair weavers." (Doug steals Biff's BLT while Biff is WTFing)

fat girl: "If you're not busy this weekend, we should have drinks."
verbal ninja: "Baked beans in my ass, trailer mustard in my crotch."
fat girl: "Yum! Pick you up at 8!"
(ninja verbal assault failed)

Republican fuck: "George W. Bush is fantastic."
verbal ninja: (head collapses in on itself at the utterance of such fucking nonsense. The warrior is bested. All your bases are belong to us.)
by thomag jeffersol May 12, 2009
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