He lurks in the shadows.
He stalks through the alleys.
He hides under tables and chairs.

And he owns the night!
Hardened Criminal #1: Let us rob that old lady crossing the street.

Hardened Criminal #2: Look out! The Midget Ninga is here!

(the Midget Ninga mercilessly kicks their bollocks into next week)

Hardened Criminal #1: Ow! Now we shall be arrested, I suppose!

Hardened Criminal #2: Looks like!

(the police arrive and take them away)

Grateful Citizens: Thank you, Midget Ninga!
by Daviddd June 02, 2005
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The little bit of dust in the bottome of your chip bag and throw it in their face.
by Geoff1993 November 24, 2011
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it means ginga,or ginger,someone who is usually ugly,and talks a big game,all in all a total bitch.
red haired ninga-ginga. Joey talking to Ryan:"I really wish that red-haired ninga would piss off and stop being a total bitch.
by penismelter December 07, 2015
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