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the act of having overwhelming swagger that it transfers to others and swags other people out, can also have traits of extreme sass in a good and admirable way, is a very mature person, but is still super fun to hang out with, likes normal things and judges those who are weird, yet her swag transfers to weird people and they end up being swagged out too, is intelligent, but denies it and is humble, responsible and trustworthy.

synonyms may be: swagmaster, nina, niners
for example you can say someone is ninavan when:
they did not study shit for a test and gets the highest grade, ex: classmate be like"damn shes so ninavan"
trips, but makes it so dramatic and wonderful that it looks like he/she is flying and landing
sits casually, but catches the attention of others and causes others to want to sit like him/her
complains in an entertaining way
talks about life's struggles without sounding like a loser
tells a lie and makes it legit
gets into 234252312 people's dream college and denies it
walks into a room like a boss
by young grasshoper May 28, 2013
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