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The last name for those of a messed up family. Abusive parents, rebellious children, and pedophilia family members. Some of the Nimens family are well hearted sweet people, but most are just drug addicts and spend 53% of their life in jail. These people are probably the most understanding, down to earth people you will ever meet because chances are what you're going through they're already done once or twice.
Wayne Memorial student: "Bro, did you hear what happened to that one girl in the Nimens family?"

Student #2: "Yes man, I heard she beat the shit out of her mom."

Student #1: "her sister ran away from her parents"

"I started dating a girl from the Nimens family dog, she is the most exciting relationship I've ever been in, best sex... But I think she's crazy."
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by Anonymous Bitchface May 17, 2018
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