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To enter a state of complete intoxication far beyond total drunkenness. Usually characterized by a loss of mental and physical function, loud speech, and the need to cool down by the removal of clothing or wetting with cold beverages. Recovery from such a traumatic state usually involves lying comatose in bed with a couple of the individual’s closest friends, followed by intermittent foul smelling crumps while lying on the couch watching TV.

Inspired by an ex member of the DTB.
Example 1
Person #1 - Where you drunk last night.
Person #2 - Is was at 7. By 2 I was completely nijjar'd.

Example 2
Person #1 - Do you have any explanations for the events of last night? It was very disturbing and funny at the same time.
Person #2 - I was nijjar'd man.
by Onlooker October 28, 2004
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