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someone who is soo funny to go out and get drunk with,
and who does really stupid shit that is so eventful and funny.

All this coupled with a great sense of how to get kicked out of night-clubs and sleep in hedges...and still maintains their grasp of the night's hilarity.. this is a true master.

Mostly come under the guise of the alias name, "Jack Clark".
yo man you comin out tonight?

nuh i dont think so bro, ima stay in and do my school-work.

Dude, the nightmaker is comin out tonight!

Whoa, why didnt you say that before! Aiight fuck that shit mayn, if the nightmaker is comin out, then thats what I'm about!
by doctorX..x..x..x... March 26, 2010
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one who spends the night enjoying oneself in a nightclub, a strip club, a fleshpot, etc; night-lifer.
He is a night-maker. He has spoiled his life by squandering a big chunk of his property.
by uttam maharjan November 24, 2011
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