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You have to kind of hit the night trap before you really know what it means
Night traps don't start before 12midnight
Night traps usually involve a singular or collection of missions ranging from getting to the party to picking up dabs to just kicking it.
Large sense of camaraderie, but also shrewd tactics involved
*Effervescent July evening Starting at Josh's place, 3.5 miles away from party with insufficient funds*
"Last night (This morning) me Josh Ryan and Francois had a very successful night trap, we completed all the missions except one.

{x} We met up with Ryan and smoked a few blunts half way through the trip

{x} Got picked up by Josh's girlfriends sister still a mile and a half from the party
{x} Got enough change from the car to add to the trapsack and get a pack of P-funks
{x} Got to the party, met with squad
{x} Party didn't suck
{ } Linked with / found Dre
Finding Dre was the bonus mission that was pretty much out of our hands so other than that it was a very successful night trap"
by Dosonemcuh January 09, 2017
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