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A Hentai Anime based on a perverted Gynecologist that is hired to have sex with various nurses in a hospital in preparation for a 'special' ward: a brothel.

The series contains around 10 episodes, the last few being re-caps that look back at previous un-discovered events following the doctor's murder (in the form of criminal investigation and interrogations of the nurses).

It is often considered to be one of the most intense hentais, due to:

-The huge focus on scat, BDSM, and anal sex.
-The infamous 'egg scene', where numerous eggs are inserted into a nurses's vagina and later 'mashed' with the doctor's penis, then orgasm'd out.
-Water-bloating fetish.
-Human waste (scat) consumption fetish.
-The sharp transition between innocence to downright whore-like mentality of the nurses in short amounts of time.
-The focus on domination over once innocent, 'good' nurses.

It has been suggested from numerous sources that only a few viewers have finished the series without turning it off, due to disgust at some point.
"Man...I watched that hentai about the nurses you leant me, and I couldn't even finish my breakfast eggs this morning."

"Night Shift Nurses- isn't that the one really disturbing hentai everyone mentions?"
by Stiffofdeth November 28, 2007
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