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nights cunts are people like Johnny Pearmain from east grinstead who at night hang around dark places and cut there pubic hair and stick it to the top of there are cracks so to the really drunk man it looks like a woman's brazilian strip. you will normally fined that a true night cunt will hang his arse out of a wast hight bush and wait for unaware drunk man who has been looking at fit birds all night to empty his load.
situation 1.

spencer pickstock say's to Rob 'Munxi' Monks "dude you smell like shit what the fuck"!

Rob 'Munxi' Monks replies "yeah man i was wasted last night and got done be the king of night cunts by that fucking Johnny Pearmain again!"

spencer. dude you got to stay away from them dark places they get you every time now go wash your cock
by spencer king of east grinstead January 13, 2012
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