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to be lazy; to shirk your responsibilities
your boss: "excuse me, brian, but you haven't submitted your TPS reports today."
you: "yeah bitch, i bin niggin out all day. lay off."
by jimmy-baby April 30, 2006
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describes the act of relaxing unnecessarily hard while listening to rap music, smoking marijuana, or plotting money making schemes. Also describes the activities of porch monkeys.
Steve prefers niggin' out with a blunt and forty over being a productive citizen.
by Nigga Ray-Ray December 15, 2009
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act of spending time with friends

act of relaxing
act of going insane/freaking out
Hey man, im just niggin out with my buddies.
Yo bro, just niggin out to some Nickelback.
Hey last night that guy was really niggin out after he did acid.
by Skelly T Michaels February 18, 2010
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