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Noise made by niggers, especially raucous, larger groups observed to be whooping, hollering, and in general having little consideration for those nearby.
There's a lot of niggernoise outside.
by Godraine November 10, 2012
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Any song or otherwise musical phrase that is sung by or in the typical style of music popular with African Americans, i.e. hip-hop, rap, etc.

It often includes sentiments derogatory towards white males, women, and other minorities. Other common themes include the accruing of money, the partaking in illegal substances such as cocaine or heroin, and exaggerated claims as to the quality of the singer's vehicle or house.
Examples of nigger noise include anything sung by Soulja Boy.
by SnarkyNinja May 20, 2009
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My grandmother and mother called rock and roll like the Beatles 'god damn nigger noise.'
I raised you to be a upstanding white man. Turn off that God Damn nigger noise and listen to some good music like Benin Goodman!
by Blackcat999 February 27, 2016
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Rambling coons running there mouths with the bass turned way to far up
I hate when nigger noise is confused with music
by A champion at life July 30, 2017
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Rap music, black jazz, R&B, or definte music sung or performed by African Americans.
"Turn off that nigger noise and put on some Sabbath"
by Jimmy Ravenshit May 18, 2005
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The lowest form of noise ever. Gay and annoying shit that requires a black guy talking and no skill! IT IS NOT MUSIC
Rapper: yo yo yo mother fucker!
Me: dude, turn that fucking nigger noise off and go kill your self
Rapper: Mutha fucka i gonna cap yo ass
Me: fuck you, go listen to some metal you pussy bitch
by Matt the metal head March 25, 2008
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