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when you turn on the tv to watch the news and see the news people mention a fire in a bad neighbor hood

or some shit about some dude who suffocated his girlfriend to death and then runs away but its when they show the pictures of the victims that you stop giving a fuck on the spot because they are most likely niggers
jon turns on the tv the watch the news then sees the report about some nigger killing his girlfriend for the 100th time jon is not surprised and sighs more niggernews
by superiorbreed April 23, 2018
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When you see something on the news or read something in the newspaper glorifying the very minor accomplishments of blacks as individuals or as an ethnic group.
Pooky: My Nigga, did you see that story on BET about them slaves that wuz the first niggas that learned to read.

Peanut: Nigga, shut up! I ain't trying to hear that NIGGER NEWS. I'm busy looking for this twenty rock that just fell out of my crack pipe.
by Richard Lee King November 20, 2006
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