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This new word coined by Bon Vivant and Javier is vying to replace "Mestisos" or "Mestizos" as a more accurate description of a modern, North American Hispanic person. Mestisos was originally defined as a mixture of African, Aboriginal (Native peoples, "Indians" if you have to use that erroneous term) and European (White). Unfortunately, over the last 20 years, mixed race people moved away from the apparent discriminatory pressure of having an African identity - the African ingredient is rarely mentioned in most modern definitions! (do your own research by sourcing printed dictionaries as far back as the mid 90s - you will find this to be true!).
"Man, that Vin Diesel looks like a Niggajuera to me!" or "Tito Puente is one talented Niggajera!"
by BonVivant January 27, 2010
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