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Adjective to describe something having ghetto-like or skullduggerous qualities, often irresponsible, underhanded or malicious.
Ex. 1 - Man: "Oh my goodness! I just walked into the store for one minute to buy milk for my family and that African-American gentleman riding away just absconded off with my new bicycle! I worked all summer for that bicycle!

Observer: "Damn, homey. That was straight niggadocious".

Ex. 2 - Man #1: "Aww yeah, homey! Sold two vials of crack to that fiend over there. Now I got enough loot to buy dem 40s of King Cobra."

Man #2: "But now we ain't got no crack lef', money..."

Man #1: "Naw, kid. It was straight baking soda and lint. Ya heard!" *high fives and boisterous guffawing*

Man #2: "Oh word? Niggadocious!"
by wordsmith636 June 17, 2010
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