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Usually referring to a man who is not quite sure of his identity, tends to be called Cookie in his workplace, but Nigel by his mad stalkers, who tends to be from Trinidad in origin.

An all round nice guy who tends to enjoy singing in really homosexual ways to arouse his colleagues. Sadly for him, he tends to only arouse himself.

A "Nigel Cookie" is a man with no shame, who masturbates at frequent intervls throughout the day, without caring who sees.

Dangerous. If you hear someone refer to a person as a Nigel Cookie, be careful.

Watch out for that Nigel Cookie fella', he's unpredictable.

Person 1: I wish I understood why that man masturbates in public;
Person 2: Oh, didn't you realise? He's a Nigel Cookie!
Person 1: Crikey moses. That is unbelievable.
by carrie o'hanlon November 12, 2007
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