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the best people you will ever meet. Nicoliess are made up of two of the bestest nicoles. they do the funniest shit ever and are always hanging outt. they are like sisters. if you fuck with one, your fucking with both, and that means your fucking with the best. hahaha. they are just the best, and have tons of friends and boyfriendss. they make fun of people and laugh. they are also vegetarians. ! they are the bestest ever. even tho sometimes they can be atholess.(:
they are nicknamed vaca and porco. "im on a boat and it goin fast and i got my swin trunks and my flippy floppies."
they also love cierra and bennito with their whole hearts.(:
the bestest nicoles ever. bottom line__________(:
wow, nicole cowles and nicole prigge are the best nicoliess ever.
by nuggy(: April 16, 2009
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