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Where the large number of rich retarded drunkards become popular and a small group of elitist intellectual pot/cokeheads emerge and leave their mark.
I go to Nichols High School and get laid in the FPAC everyday after smoking a joint.
by bettybong June 17, 2006
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A place where Dr. Rockwell allows illegal unconsentual sex happen in the school. Kids vaping in the Center 63 bathrooms. And a hockey rink that supports the legend Dann the butt man. This “elite” rich kid school provides children with their e-cigs to ensure that they will not get onto cigarettes. RIP rockwell we will miss you. Lol jk foh
Person 1:Yo do you go to Nichols Highschool?
Person 2: ya you need something?
Person 1: cop me a juul and a sexy teacher!
Person 2: Easy.
by Bill Clough February 20, 2019
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A place where a bunch of underage children use vape pens in the restroom. Multiple kids get caught and the ex vice principal helps keep illegal sex hidden.
Person 1- i wanna go to nichols highschool
Person 2- buy me a juul if u go
Person 1- ight bet
by Alumn August 01, 2018
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