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The one and only forum for people who need help and advice on how to deal with useless navigators and sad act chatters.
The only chat related forum where you dont get banned for having an opinion, where you can talk like and adultand type like an adult. Where no navigator can tell you off or ban you for saying that you can do their job better than they can, well if it wasnt for the fact that you actively posted on the worlds biggest anti navi forum --- something ONLY a navigator would say because theyre not programmed to see the truth, only to see what they are told is the truth.
That navigator is stalking me again!! Im putting the screenshots on this time!

Why did you ban me for saying ? I was only telling a friend they can talk to others with issues about chat!

It's no use calling a hate site just because they allow the truth to be spoken
by RandomBlabber February 26, 2007
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