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A small village in Central New York. Completely boring and full of a bunch of retards that are too stupid to find something productive to so with themselves. Its drug trade takes place right in New York Mills school, thought there aren't many drug dealers, for well obvious reasons. Most people that have lived there their entire life and come to realize one thing. NYM SUCKS!!!!
"Lets have sex in the cemetery." Girl From New York Mills.

"Sure, but lets get high first." Guy from New York Mills.

"Ok, Sounds like fun." Girl From New York Mills.
by xxxhinataxxx August 22, 2007
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A little town full of polish people.

There is about 500 students in the New York Mills high school.

Students in the school thinks their shit doesn't stink.

People care what you wear to school because all the "popular" kids are up to fashion and can afford things that are secretly on welfare.

there is a lot of racism in the school

50% of the students in school are wiggers and or posers

They have a rivalry between the Notre Dame High School on Burrstone Road every like 5 years or something-but we lost

If you don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend they consider you gay

They are just a small minded group of people
WIGGER KID: yo my fizzle whats up in hizzle
BLACK KID: hey where are you from
WIGGER KID: Im from the New York Mills izzle
BLACK KID: look at your skin color
(wigger kid gets jumped)
by crap cheeks August 23, 2007
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