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One who has been appointed to oversee the operation and maintenance of a computer network.

The characteristics of network admins are all strikingly similar. They are mostly all somewhat intelligent; not smart enough to be an engineer, but not dumb enough to flip burgers. To make up for their lack of intelligence and inability to contribute meaningfully to the field of computers, they have cocky, elitist attitudes.

Network admins think they are special, and will act as if they own the office, when in reality, they will never transcend the level of cleaning viruses. Network admins can often be seen traveling in packs; stroking each other's egos because no one else will.
Computer Programmer: "Hey network admin, set up this router while I finish compiling this database."

network admin: "Well I have more important things to be--"

Computer Programmer: "Shut up bitch."
by Novocaine October 17, 2005
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