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"Netbilly" is a word formed from "internet" and "hillbilly".

A netbilly is easily recognizable by certain features that they present on the internet.

A netbilly's dwelling usually consists of chatrooms, blogs, and comment forums. A netbilly comes in many shapes and sizes.

A netbillly tends to make comments that never relate to the topic in question. They are very passionate about government, immigrants, people of different ethnic backgrounds, the current president, liberals, homosexuals, christianity, and bad grammar.

An example would be:

Topic in question: "waterfalls are beautiful"

netbilly response: "Dam Obama, Dam hhomosexuals, if it werent for these imigrents"

A netbilly can basically be found anywhere on the internet.
The other day I was reading about the joys of raising a family and then this netbilly pops out of nowhere at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday with his comment about Jesus and Obamacare.

Oh my god, I put up a post about my dying cat and some netbilly starts ranting about Obamacare and something else about liberals, the grammar was so bad and now I am really upset.
by totallyyo July 27, 2010
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